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About me

Defining a person is a very difficult thing. Many times there are no established limits whether someone can be considered X or Y, especially when it comes to personal attributes, knowlegde, hobbies, etc. But I will try to define myself as best as I can.

I am just another human being on planted Earth, from the magical region of Galicia, but actually living in Catalonia, bornt at the beginning of the third millenium B.F (23yo). I don’t like gender but I define myself as a nonbinary transfem, and I go with she/her pronouns.

As a human being, I want to enjoy my life here. But I hate conflict and bad people. I wish a world in which the collaboration makes society grow, rather than competition, which seems to be the norm in today’s world. I also believe that technological and scientifical progess is crucial and benefitial for humanity and people. But I don't have much energy to change anything so I try to be kind to everyone and help when necessary.


🌀 = @